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Two of my 'I' photos are showing in Picture of Health: Art, Medicine & the Body at Leamington Spa Art Gallery.

I will be giving an online public talk about 'I' and other works on 16th September, 2021 as part of In Sickness and in Health, a series of talks that accompany the exhibition. You can book here  

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A Real Life Drama

I will present A Real Life Drama at the Theatre Arts Conference 2021 in Singapore on 22 May 2021. 

Directly inspired by a young woman’s personal account of her experience of psychosis, this three channel installation weaves together different spatial and temporal moments to portray the unnamed Main Character’s subjective experience. The work uses theatricality as a vehicle for exploring psychological fragmentation and disorientation, questioning how the mind works to construct a sense of seamless reality from fragmented and disparate experiences.  


Being T(here)

On 10th March, 2021 I will present a short online performance with fellow artist, Tereza Stehlikova as part to the Nordic University Winter Symposium.

Being (T)here features an intimate spoken and visual dialogue between two artists as they shared their lockdown experiences through a simple daily “ritual” of exchanging a single photo and brief text by email during lockdown 2020-21.


An image and text version of the work is here  

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Translating Vitalities Workshop, 25th-27th June, 2020 (online)

Hosted by Max Plank Institute, Berlin. 

Translating Vitalities is a shifting and changing international collective of artists, anthropologists, medical and healing practitioners, historians, and other humanists and non-humanists who regularly come together in the service of making collaborative work to understand lifeworlds and their translations and transformations. We have been meeting regularly since 2014. Next meeting is in May 2021, online again. We will explore some of Michel Serres' work.



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International Journal Of Creative Media Research, Issue 4, June 2020

In June my article 'Some Reflections on the Practice of Research' was published in the online journal, Creative Media Research.  

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Parallax, a Story in Two Parts

In May 2020 my chapter, Parallax, a Story in Two Parts was published in the collection, Entangled Bodies ed. Tammer El Sheikh. 

This book is comprised of academic essays, personal reflections, and creative writing from researchers and artists involved in an ongoing collaborative art-science project about the experience and culture of heart transplantation. The writings and reflections included discuss embodiment, what it means to inhabit a body and define oneself in relation to it, including struggles with identity formation; set in both clinical and private spaces. My contribution is a photo-text work that creatively explores the experiences of a donor family and a recipient and family. 


The Monster Theory Reader published 15th January, 2020 

I am honoured that the first chapter of my book, Monstrosity, the Human Monster in Visual Culture has been published in this  collection.

Including the most interesting and important proponents of monster theory and its progenitors, from Sigmund Freud to Julia Kristeva to J. Halberstam, Donna Haraway, Barbara Creed, and Stephen T. Asma—as well as harder-to-find contributions such as Robin Wood’s and Masahiro Mori’s—this is the most extensive and comprehensive collection of scholarship on monsters and monstrosity across disciplines and methods ever to be assembled and will serve as an invaluable resource for students of the uncanny in all its guises."


Exhibition and symposium at Concordia University, Montreal

From August 5 to 9, 2019 scholars, researchers, artists and students from the domains of Arts, Ethics, Medicine, and Social Sciences met  to discuss topics including: bodily boundaries, anonymity in organ donation, the popular imaginary in organ transplantation, and cross-cultural aspects of organ donation. The meeting was accompanied by a new exhibition of works by: Alexa Wright, Andrew Carnie, Emily Jan, Dana Dal Bo and Ingrid Bachmann.


On 27th June, 2019 I gave a keynote talk at Nottingham University

Cracking the Established Order (CtEO) was a two day interdisciplinary conference where researchers and artists explored the ongoing accelerating influence of practice-based research, as it continues to shape new ways of thinking about research and creative methodologies. 

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