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Four to eight wooden booths, adapted CD players and chairs. Dimensions variable.

Killers is an audio installation that examines individual and collective perceptions of self and 'other'. This work plays with its audience' ability to identify with others. A plain, institutional chair invites visitors to sit at one of a number of plywood 'booths'. These are reminiscent of polling booths, or confessionals. In each booth a different monologue is accessed through headphones. The monologues are edited from conversations I had with men and women serving life sentences for murder. These compelling and emotive stories range from five to twelve minutes in length. Prisoners describe their life circumstances and how they feel about the act of killing. Each 'story' is very different, yet at each booth the listener is put in the position of identifying with the narrator and at the same time judging him or her. The monologues are triggered by micro-switches in the headphones so that each narrative is heard from the beginning.


Supported by a Small Grant in the Creative and Performing Arts from the Arts & Humanities Research Board.

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