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A Selection of 3D works from the 1980s

Memories 1987.jpeg

Memories (1987) false teeth; wood plinth; silver paint; cement telephones; fake flowers;  carpet tiles

Home and Garden.jpeg
Target 1987-8.jpeg

Home and Garden (1987) cement cast torso; wood swing; plaster cast duck and column; hair; ribbon; mirror


Nothing More to Say (1987) false teeth; perspex boxes; painted wood plinths; wire 

Target (1987) plaster cast pigeons; graphite; wood; powder paint

To the Promised Land.jpeg
All Sweetness and Light.jpeg

All Sweetness and Light (1988) Resin; boiled sweets; painted wood plinth

First Party Dress.jpg

First Party Dress (1988) Beaten steel; wire mesh; red velvet lining

To The Promised Land (1988) wood steps; ribbon; steel; aluminium foil

Golden Girls.jpeg

Golden Girls (1988) plaster cast heads; beaten steel bowl; boiled sweets; resin; gold paint


Treasure (1988) plaster cast head; resin; jewellery; hand thrown ceramic pots; bronze paint

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