Face Value

Part 2

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Face A:

- is an imaginative person with good taste, and a good memory 

- can be proud, jealous, and emotional 

- is introverted and secretive, and can appear dreamy and vacant 

- is focused, good at problem solving, and eager to get things

  done at work 

- is easily influenced by others. 


Face C:

- is refined and concentrated, with a sharp mind 

- is dynamic, ambitious, and successful in most things 

- finds failure very frustrating 

- is a generous and emotionally stable person who relates

  well to others 

- gives low priority to his or her own feelings 

- is determined and idealistic. 

Face E: 

- is happy, kind, and faithful 

- is rather lazy and dreamy 

- has an open, imaginative, and inquisitive mind 

- is tolerant and adaptable

- is easily influenced by others, possibly because of a

  need to be loved. 


Face B:

- is reliable, stable, and determined 

- is a good worker with fixed values 

- loves order

- is a perfectionist and can be judgmental of others, but

  has the personality to be a good teacher 

- is a bright, enthusiastic, and cheerful person, but when

  anxious to get things done is cold and abrupt.


Face D:

- is proud, cunning, deceitful, and aggressive 

- is fond of lying 

- is self-seeking, controlled, and greedy with money 

- is sensual, passionate, and fiercely jealous, but also unfeeling 

- is a perfectionist 

- has the energy as well as the intellect to get what he or she wants. 


Face F:

- is loving, sensual, and passionate, but aggressive and

  overly demanding

- has fixed opinions, and can appear narrow-minded 

- is an extrovert who likes to be in the public eye and to lead others 

- uses strength and willpower, rather than intellect, to get

  things done.

Commissioned by the Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco. Visitors were invited to match a description with a face. Each portrait is made up of features taken from three to five different portraits of museum visitors. The character judgements being made relate to people who do not actually exist.