Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright is an artist based in London, UK. She uses photography, video, sound and interactive digital media to explore some of the heavily defended boundaries of human identity. In different ways her works make us aware of the processes by which we constitute our sense of self in relation to others.

Alexa's practice exists at the intersection between art, technology and medical science. She has worked across the domains of art and science for more than fifteen years, collaborating with several different medical scientists, most frequently with Professor Alf Linney at University College London. Several of her projects have involved working closely with people with medical conditions or with disabilities.

Alexa's work is exhibited, published and critically acclaimed Internationally. Exhibitions include: Heart of the Matter and Cadenza in 'Hybrid Bodies', PHI Centre, Montreal (2014); A View From Inside in 'Digital Aesthetic 3', Preston (2012), Cover Story in DaDaFest International, Liverpool (2010); After Image in 'The Definition of Self', 21_21 Design Sight Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2010); Alter Ego in 'Locate Me', Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2010); Conversation Piece in 'International Symposium of Electronic Art', Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast (2009);Alter Ego in 'El cuerpo (con)sentido’, Centro the Historia Zaragoza, Spain; 'Amber 08', BM Suma Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2008); 'FILE ‘07', SESI Art Gallery, Sao Paolo, Brazil (2007) and Opera Interna in the International Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon Arts Centre, Korea (2007). An animated image from the 'A View From Inside' series was part of the inaugural exhibition, Born in 1987: the Animated Gif on The Wall at the Photographers Gallery, London, 2012.

Alexa teaches at the University of Westminster in London. Her book, 'Monstrosity: The human monster in visual culture' (IB Tauris) was launched in June 2013.